How is the current situation in and around the conference venue (Swissotel the Bosphorus)?

The Swissotel is situated in a private park-like area of the city, together with the other recommended hotels, 2 km away from Taksim Square. The European Marketing Academy (EMAC) conference proceeded successfully June 4-7 with more than 700 participants in the ITU Macka campus, which is closer to Taksim Square than the Swissotel. In the coming weeks. The coming weeks will see larger-than-ours international conferences such as the Academy of International Business ( July 3-6) and the European Academy of Management ( June 22-26).


How is the current situation in old Istanbul?

Old Istanbul has not seen any protests, and we are fully confident that July won’t see any either. This neighborhood contains most tourist sites in Istanbul, and has many value-for-money hotels.

How is the current situation regarding protests?

During the last weeks, your hosts in Turkey (including Koen Pauwels, yours truly) have been closely monitoring the situation on
the ground and listening to feedback from colleagues at previous conferences and events. The protesters in Turkey are non-violent as
illustrated in the ‘Standing Man’ movement in Taksim square last Monday and the easing of confrontation this week.

For the comfort of yourself and those traveling with you, we provide free private shuttle service between Swiss otel and any other conference hotel. Our shuttle drivers come from our own university’s shuttle pool and are very experienced. Also, we provide a free sea-route from the coast near Swissotel to the tourist attractions in Old Istanbul. If you provide your cell phone number, we will text you with updates during the conference.

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